What is StampDump?

StampDump.com is the only fast growing website for stamp collectors and dealers. Are you interested? Create your account, it's free!

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1. We are fast growing!

We are tired of current not developing outdated stamp tematic websites. So we are trying to bring innovations to stamp collectors world. You can also report your own idea if you want.

2. Wish/offer lists

You can manage your own wish and offer lists online. And what's great? You can easily send them to other collectors and save plenty of your time sending many e-mails.

3. Adverts

We have more than 2000 views from different countries every week. And you can have your own stamp exchange advert on homepage, totaly free! It's very simple to manage!

4. And the last... It's totaly free!

You can create your own profile totaly free. So why don't give us a chance? You have contact info in your profile, so every collector can contact you.

Do you have some questions? Feel free to contact us on stampdump[at]gmail.com